If You Aren't Personally Pocketing At Least 40% of the Fees You Charge, You've Come to the Right Place!

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I'm just not personally making enough money from my already successful practice.  I generate $1,000,000 or more in fees every year, but I'm not making anywhere near 40% of that personally.


I'm burning out.  I work way too hard for the money I make, and I need something to change before I throw up my arms and just forget about the whole thing.


The gross revenue in my practice is stuck, but the expenses keep climbing and I'm making less and less money

No Matter Which Problem You're Having, I Can Promise You That You're in the Right Place.  You're Just Minutes Away From the Financial Problems in Your Practice, and Your Personal Problems, Being Gone Forever!

You'll Never Make Less Profit Than You Deserve With Dental Profit Advisors

The Missing Piece in Your Personal Wealth Puzzle

We work exclusively with Dental practices to help maximize profitability and help our clients pull as much money as possible out of the practice.  Let's face it, dental practices face certain financial challenges, like cash flow pitfalls, high overhead, and low collection percentage.  Because we only help dental professionals, like you, we have a unique insight into your specific challenges and are in a special position to help you reach all of your financial goals.


Financial Metrics

By using our cloud-based financial solutions, we'll be able to discover exactly where your finances are right now.  You have to know where you're at to discover how to get to your desired solution.  Our proprietary coaching system includes full financial reporting and analysis so we know where we're starting from.  Once we know that we can go to the next step, Financial Road Map to Success

Financial Road Map to Success

Once we have established where you are financially and what your goals are, it's time to start creating a plan to get to your financial goals.  We will review every financial aspect of your dental practice and your personal finances and develop a step-by-step program you can follow to ensure you keep more money and build the kind of wealth you deserve.  A Major part of this road map is Tax Planning, to ensure you keep more of your money!

Tax Planning

We all have a 50% partner in our business.  His name is Uncle Sam and he does nothing to help us make more money but demands a substantial portion of the profits every year in taxes.  By planning your finances properly, you'll drastically reduce your tax burden...and every penny you don't send Uncle Sam is a penny in your pocket!  Proper Tax Planning is critical to every dentist's Road Map to Success!


Employees are Expensive!  Do you know how much each employee costs you?  I don't mean do you know how much you pay them...do you know how much they cost you.  In addition to salary, you have matching funds for their Social Security contributions, health insurance premiums, workers comp premiums, unemployment insurance premiums you pay to your state, and accounting costs to figure all of the withholding, escrow the money and fill out the paperwork each quarter and send it in. Not only do we help you quantify how much each employee really costs you, but your payroll accounting is also included in our coaching.  You'll never have to figure out withholding or pay someone to do it again!

Get The Dental Profit Advisor Advantage... Today

Our Clients know and understand exactly where they and their practices are financially, and how to reach their financial goals quicker than they ever thought possible.  I know it sounds trite, but most dentists fail financially because they fail to plan their finances.  With our coaching program, you're virtually guaranteed to succeed.

Get the How To Double Your Profits While Cutting Your Chair Time in Half Ebook without cost or obligation.

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